I have a love for all things upland hunting and what comes with it. The long days spent pushing through heavy cover and open fields, the sporting dogs, a 100+ year old shotgun that still does it's job, and the memories made by yourself or with a hunting friend.

I started Copper Upland Supply the fall of 2016 after an upstate New York grouse hunt with my friend Giuseppe Papandrea. He gifted me a locator bell for my German shorthaired pointer, Copper.

I saw potential in the cowbell's large surface which left room for me to engrave "Copper" on it, making it truly Copper's own bell.

For Christmas that year, I engraved a bell for Giuseppe with his dog, Fatso, and shortly after revealing the bell online, Copper Upland Supply was born.

I've always had the desire to make and create, and making bells, leads, collars, lanyards and other handmade personalized upland hunting goods just fell in perfectly with my love for the old fashioned handmade items of the past.

So far this year, I've worked with conservation groups in donating handmade items for annual banquets to chapters of Pheasants Forever, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Ruffed Grouse Society.

I also started the Bells for Conservation Project which can be found on my store from time to time. I engrave a bell with a specific animal or upland bird species, and all the proceeds from the sale go to it's respective conservation group, (i.e. a woodcock on a bell for the American Woodcock Society, a trout for Trout Unlimited, etc).

When I'm not making upland hunting gear, I spend the spring and summer shooting trap and sporting clays, as well as fly fishing. Fall into winter is spent chasing pheasants and ruffed grouse with my 1 year old GSP Copper, and a 116 year old Parker VH.

- Mike Adams